Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hi Dave!

Eyeglasses: zeroUV 9230
Jacket: Zara
Bag: Herschel Supply Co

The Minions movie may have passed, but I'm still hanging on my obsession with them! I mean why wouldn't I?! Cute characters with funny erratic behaviours, not to mention they are color YELLOW!?! Sign me up somewhere there! :D

I had tons of fun shooting this look! My cousin who takes all my pictures here in my blog is currently on a vacation. So before left, we had to hurry to shoot A LOT of looks.

We were already out of ideas on which location should we shoot this final look of the month. So we drove around feeling a bit hopeless because the sun is almost out and we need to wrap everything up! I was already thinking of doing the shoot on my own like I used to for this look... when we found this abandoned construction site!

I figured that Minions likes building (and destroying! lol!)  things so I figured this will be a fitting location for this look! ^_^

Now I know its still summer, but what can I do?! I cannot resist using the jacket (Zara) I'm wearing that I've been waiting to go on sale! I really liked that everything went so well together especially the fun Minion print shirt ( I also wore a comfy pair of chinos and cool sneakers for more added fun!

To bring my secret despicable gadgets, I brought this super cool Herschel backpack I got as a birthday gift from my friends at work. I'm super glad It went so well with this look. I was actually planning to buy a Hershel bag but I couldn't decide if should get one and surprise! I got my wish! Again thanks to my friends Pauline, Venus, Jek and Krsna! You are an amazing group of mind readers!

And of course this look would not be complete without my zeroUV eyeglasses!

zeroUV 9230 Eco Limited Edition Bamboo Clear Eyeglasses:
If Minions can wear some sort of goggles, why cant I? This zeroUV eyeglasses is actually made of bamboo! Its quite amazing actually! I'm sure those Minions would be at awe on the ingenuity of this eyeglasses! Well done zeroUV, you have made these Minions so proud!

Want your own cool pair of zeroUV glasses? Click the link below!:

Go crazy and eat a banana and always remember to have fun! :D

10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 2 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
5 T-Shirts = COMPLETE!

Always have fun!

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Beat the Heat

Sunglasses: zeroUV 8757
Shirt: H&M
Bag: Ted Baker

This year's Summer Season is by far the hottest I've ever experienced in the three years of living here in UAE! I can barely even wear jeans like I used to last year!

Fortunately, I've found a couple of things useful to beat the heat! :D

So before I start about the look here are a few things you should do before leaving your home, particularly for those people who lives in UAE:

  1. Drink a cold glass of water before going out to feel refreshed and to avoid dehydration. Remember to always bring a bottle of water with you too.
  2. ALWAYS wear sunscreen and moisturise your skin.
  3. Instead of taking a bath in warm water, take a bath in cold/lukewarm water. Oh, you're not used to taking a bath in cold water? Here's a tip: Turn off your AC 30mins to 1 hour before taking a bath. Your body will adjust as the temperature goes warm and by the time you shower you wont feel hesitant to take a bath with cold water.
  4. Use baby powder on... well EVERYTHING! lol! Well not entirely everything, just those areas of your body you'd think you'll sweat the most. You'll feel fresh plus smell fresh! Its also nice to apply baby powder before sleeping after a long day out in the sun.
  5. The sunlight can be too bright, so it is definitely advisable to bring sunglasses all the time!

Speaking of sunglasses, why don't you get these super fun and summery vintage framed sunglasses from zeroUV! It would definitely make you look fresh and will protect your eyes from that harmful sunlight!

zeroUV 8587 Yellow Uniqe Indie Vintage Key Hole P3 Round Sunglasses:

Today I'm wearing s simple striped shirt (H&M) paired with a chinos shorts. I also brought in a super cool clutch bag from Ted Baker which I got from a sale during the Eid Holiday. I'm so happy I got this one on a reasonable price! The colors looks great, its light and very stylish and can of course fit my daily on-the-go essentials.

Finishing the look with a pair of sneakers and of course, my very own zeroUV 8587 Yellow Sunglasses! ^_^

Click the link below and to shop for your own zeroUV sunglasses!:

Keep fresh and enjoy the Summer!

10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirts = COMPLETE!

Always have fun!

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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Breathing Dreams Like Air

Glasses: zeroUV 2891
Shirt: Elle Homme
Blazer: Splash Fashions
Socks: Iconic Socks
Shoes: Call it Spring

Hey there old sport! ^_^

I re-watched The Great Gatsby this week and I still cant get over the level of effort that was put in that movie! Particularly of course in the fashion, but still overall the movie is amazing!

I like the line in the book saying "Breathing dreams like air." For me this means that your dreams and aspirations in life are just hanging there and all you have to do is to live to it and continue to pursue them every single day and treat them like it is essentially important to you and you cannot live without it like our need for oxygen.

I wonder if people in that era really lived a carefree, glamorous, jazz life? Not to mention the amount of layers of clothes they wore at that time! Can you imagine how big their wardrobe was? Dry cleaning business (if they had at that time) must have been booming! lol

Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to, I did not have enough pieces of clothes to pull of a 1920's look. BUT! I did able to manage to wear something close to 1930's to 1940's which is not that far right? :D

Today's look is my own take of 20th century fashion.

First of all, I'm really really happy with how the colours turned out in this look! I'm also surprised that its quite comfortable. I'm wearing a blazer (Splash) paired with a nice mint shirt (Elle Homme) and trousers. 

I also wore this super fun socks I bought on my recent trip in the Philippines in a store called Iconic Socks and together I wore these super comfy shoes from Call It Spring. 

And of course this look will not be complete without a zeroUV Eyewear!

zeroUV Tortoise 2891:

Hope you guys liked this look and enjoy your weekend!

Click the link below and get your own zeroUV sunglasses!:

10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 2 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirts = 1 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirts
7 Shoes = 4 Shoes

Always have fun!

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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Stay Cool with zeroUV x Epic BMX Snapback Collection

Cap and Sunglasses: zeroUV x Epic BMX Snapback Collection
Shirt and Shorts: H&M

This month zeroUV has once again partnered with Lo's Closet! And to start off, I just want to first feature their recently launched exclusive & highly anticipated 2015 Spring/Summer snapback cap collaboration with Epic Ride Shops

zeroUV 8587 Matte Black sunglasses:

There are A LOT of different prints and colours of caps to choose from that are sooooo perfect this season! What's super cool about it that even non-bikers can use these caps as a casual and stylish piece of accessory which perfectly goes well with any zeroUV glasses and sunglasses!

Exclusive zeroUV x Epic BMX Collaboration Snapback Tropical Blue Cap:
So to complete these super cool pair I got from zeroUV, I've decided to do a look that I think would easily go well with the cap especially during Summer.

I'm wearing a popsicle printed oversized shirt that is super comfy and fun to wear with a chinos shorts (H&M) that doesn't just look cool but is also functional and practical for this season. Finishing off with a cool pair of classic white sneaks and a nice leather watch.

There are more looks to be released this month on my blog featuring zeroUV items! Meanwhile, while the sun is shinning super bright this season, protect your eyes and also look stylish by clicking the link below and treating yourself with your own pair of zeroUV sunglasses!

5 T-Shirts = 1 T-Shirt
5 Shorts = COMPLETE

Always have fun!

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Friday, 31 July 2015

Lo's Closet Giveaway Winners!!!!


Moment of truth guys!!!! I would like to announce on behalf of the winner of the Lo's Closet Giveaway!

drum roll please.....

Congratulations to Namita V Sutri and Jamila Keriwala!!!! You both win 250AED online vouchers from!!!

Please wait for my e-mail on how to claim your prizes. ^_^

And to all those people who sent me your wonderful messages, shared the contest links and images around all your social media platforms we would like to thank you all!

I am so overwhelmed with the responses I've received from you all and I cant wait to see your messages again on my next giveaway!

Don't worry there are still TONS of awesome deals and discounts at! What are you waiting for? Shop now and say hello to a better online shopping experience!

Always have fun!

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Lo's Closet Giveaway!

Picture this in your head: There's a dinner you need to attend to in a couple of days and you're in a huge hurry as its the only day you are free to buy new clothes for the event.

Now, you get your car keys and you step out of your house and you realize its EXTREMELY HOT outside!

To make matters worse its a weekend so you're sure there'll be A LOT of people shopping in the malls and it will definitely be traffic by the time you finish buying what you need.

So what is there left to do?

- Should you just go back and look around your closet and pray that you have something that your friends or co-workers have only seen you wear two times?

- Do you just borrow clothes from someone else? 

- Should you just cancel?

Stressful right????

Well good thing I have a solution for you!

Don't worry about anything cause has got you covered!
No more going out of the house trying to battle the Summer heat, no more borrowing clothes, no time wasted! And most importantly, no one will judge you while you shop wearing your comfortable pyjamas in the middle of the day... oh! am I the only one who does that? Okay... well moving on! currently has 7 brands on their site! And they don't just sell clothes, they have tons of different items you might need from baby clothes, electronics, perfumes, etc!

Currently they have Splash (one of my favorite brands), Centerpoint, Max, Lifestyle, Babyshop, EMax and most recently, Shoe Mart.

All of these amazing brands by a touch of your fingertips and in the comfort of your own home with prices that could easily fit your budget.

What I love about this site is that not only do they offer the same sale promotions that is offered on all Landmark Group shops but they also offer online exclusive sales, daily promotions and you may even use your Shukran points! How awesome is that?!

Amazing right?! Let me excite you more!

CALLING ALL PEOPLE OF THE U.A.E.! and Lo's Closet has partnered together to give 250AED online shopping vouchers to not only one... but TWO lucky readers currently living in UAE!

To win, you may do any of the ff:

1.     Send me an e-mail at  and let me know what is your favorite landmark shop and why.

2.    Share this post to your Facebook account with the a caption: PICK ME! and like and tag both Lo's Closet's facebook page and's facebook page

3.    Post your best OOTD wearing any clothes from the Landmark Group brands with a caption #winlandmarkvoucher #loscloset and mention and follow us @locloset and @landmarkshops

Winners will be announced last week of July! ^_^

So what are you waiting for!?! Visit now and say hello to a better online shopping experience!

Always have fun!

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Sail Away

Watch: Daniel Wellington
Shorts: Animal House
Lapel Pin: Ropa

Hey guys! Sorry been gone lately, but like I said from my previous post, blogging is a sort of a hobby for me now and not really something I would do for a career until an opportunity arrives. Right now, I'm focusing more on my private life doing a couple of stuff on the side and learning new things such as cooking Asian Dishes plus I'm also planning and saving for a major trip next year which I am so looking forward to!

Oh but don't worry though! Now that I have more time for myself, I also have more time to think of well thought of outfit posts here in my blog! Plus! If you haven't followed my Istagram account yet you might be interested to know that I am posting more about what I do on my daily life.

Anyway for this week's look, I am wearing my all time favourite fashion trend during summer: Nautical!

We live in a village town near a small port so of course I have been dying to put on an outfit that will go perfect with the location. Today I am wearing a nice comfy white summer blazer and a plain white shirt. For the bottoms I am wearing a striped shorts I got in the Philippines during my previous vacation. I got the shorts from a cute little shop called Animal House found around SM Mall of Asia. And let me tell you, if had more time to buy stuff there I would have bought everything on the store! lol! They have all the cute clothes that I would definitely love to wear, unfortunately I didn't had enough time to shop but I would definitely return there if ever I go back home to Manila for my vacation next year.

To complete this nautical look, I wore a very cool lapel pin I got from a store named Ropa found in Shoppesville Greenhills Manila. This store used to be one of my favorite stores when I was living in Manila and I'm so glad that they still sell a lot of very nice accessories.

Im also wearing my very own Daniel Wellington pre-ordered Dapper Watch! It such a perfect watch for all the gentlemen who likes watches that are low key, yet still very stylish. The bracelet actually came with a leather strap, but I changed it with a DW Nato strap to go perfectly with the outfit.

Thank you Daniel Wellington for again sending me one of your beautiful watches!

Get your own DW Dapper Watch! Visit their site!:

See you all again on my next post! BTW to all my Muslim followers, Ramadan Kareem!

Keep enjoy Summer guys!

5 Shorts = 2 Shorts

Always have fun!

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Year 3: Doing Things The Way I Want

This year would be very simple, laid back and would focus more on my Style Blogging.

However, I really enjoyed the LOVE ABU DHABI SERIES so this year most of my looks would mostly be around Abu Dhabi! Plus, I might do a couple of short series during this year which I'm very excited about! :D

Oh and another thing! I had tons of fun doing my anniversary video so I'm planning to do short video clips of all the looks I did by the end of each month! Sound good right?

Thank you all again to all you readers who keeps on supporting my blog and hope you guys would enjoy all the things that I will do for Year 3!

Always have fun!

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