Sunday, 29 March 2015

Back to Stripes

Shirt: Zara
Leather Bracelet: Born Pretty

For some unknown reason, whenever its spring or summer I go on a binge shopping spree of stripped shirts and sweaters. Its has become a default must have whenever the weather becomes warmer most probably because its so easy to style anything with it.

Wear it with shorts? It works. Jeans? Oh yeah it does! Chinos? Oh 'cmon! It's perfect!

Although its basic and safe its one of the easiest and most flattering type of print which is perfect for both Spring and Summer that's probably why you would always see stripes in the runway whenever on all S/S collections. Stripes are pretty much associated with warm weather as you see it everywhere on the beach.

However, if you cant go to the beach, who said you can't enjoy going to the park wearing stripes? I certainly didn't! I did another color blocking look with a stripe shirt (Zara) and comfy shorts. Wore a cool pair of Airmax to make it look a bit sporty yet casual. Brought in a few accessories with the sunglasses and leather bracelets (Born Pretty).

One tip to consider whenever you plan on wearing stripes is to not over accessorize especially during Summer. Just keep it minimal as there's already too much going on whenever you wear this kind of print. It will look like you're trying too hard to style if you go too overboard so make sure you keep it as low key as possible. Remember less is more.

10 Long Sleeves Shirt = 3 Long Sleeves Shirt

BTW, we did this shoot in Khalifa Park and I just realized that its been more than two years and I only talk about my what I wore every single week so I decided to do a short segment on my weekly posts that I will entitle:

What's with the odd spelling of Adventure you ask? Well AUH is actually the airport code of Abu Dhabi, like LAX for Los Angeles or DBX for Dubai. So I just played with the words a bit and with almost an hour of banging my head on the wall, I came up with this! ^_^

Lo's AUHventures< is something I will try to make a thing.... lol! just kidding! It would be about my short adventures here in Abu Dhabi featuring all sorts of thing from food to amazing locations to whatever I planned to do any given day of the week. I decided to do this for you guys to see that Abu Dhabi is amazing city that you should go visit! :D

We'll start this segment of my blog together with my weekly outfit posts and I may do separate blog posts if it turns out well.

So, whenever we shoot, me and my amazing photographer/BFF/cousin Kris will usually go to random places to eat and check out new places in Abu Dhabi after we finish taking photos so finally I've decided that its about time to share that experience with you guys.

This week we went to SALT!

Well I cant really tell where exactly SALT is because its a Food Truck that plays with you and you try to catch them on their next location every week. Last week, in celebration of the opening of Mushrif Park SALT went there to serve park visitors which became a very huge hit!

Me and my friend acutaully found SALT by accident when we went to Mushrif Park (More about Mushrif Park soon), we didn't ate there cause we saw there was a huge line and we were already too tiered so we decided to eat somewhere else. The next day I mentioned it with my other friend at work and told me that SALT is a very popular Food Truck business here in UAE that serves gourmet burger on the go.

I'm not gonna go too far but if you want to know more about what I'm talking about, find their instagram page or just search #findsalt.

So basically, you fall in line, they give you a set menu, you order and then pick up like any other restaurants. In my personal opinion, its all about the experience. I've never bought food on a food truck before so you can all imagine how excited I was.

We ordered the Hook Burgers, Cheetos: Chicken, Cheese Fries and Fire Fries (almost half of the menu! :D). Prices were okay, and I liked the Hook Burgers more than the Cheetos Chicken. It's typically like any other burger joint in the country like Shake Shack and Johnny Rockets. Like I said, it was really more about the experience.

I wouldn't go too far on how the food tasted so I would just do a short 5 star ratings breakdown:

Experience: ★★★★
Presentation: ★★★
Taste: ★★★
Price:  ★★★
Over all Rating: ★★★
Must Try: Fire Fries!!!

Hope you guys liked Lo's AUHventures<! Don't forget to share your ideas and comments with me through the comments section below! :D

Always have fun!

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Rescue Ranger

Shirt: Zara
Clutch: Iconic
Leather Bracelets: Born Pretty

Feeling adventurous? Take a guess what inspired me to pull off this look?

Indiana Jones? No.

Natan Drake from Uncharted? Nope.

Give up? Well... Its Chip 'n Dale Rescue Ranges! :D

This was one of my favorite Sunday Cartoon back when I was little. Funny and packed with amazing adventures solving mysteries and saving the day!

This look is a combination of Chip and Dale. I wore very cool jacket I got on sale (Zara) and It was just less than 100AED! It was an awesome find and I immidieately knew what I was gonna do with it. I also wore a nice hat which is the Chip part of this look together with the jacket. The Dale part of this look is the shirt, although not floral it has a nice summer print with it and looks very good paired with the jacket.

I also got this fun Bag of Chips clutch (Iconic) just to make this look more animated yet doesn't look too overdone. Finished this look with a nautical bracelet (Born Pretty), cool jogger trousers and a pair of sneaks.

Are you all ready for a fun adventure with me? :D

10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 4 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
5 Bags = 1 Bags

Always have fun!

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Saturday, 7 March 2015

City Boy

Shoes: New Balance M530 Encap
Shirt: Elle @ Splash Fashions
Leather Bracelets: Born Pretty

Finally! After a week's rest I am finally back feeling fresh and inspired with a new perspective in terms of style! I've decided to add more variety of style here in Lo's Closet aside from my usual roster of preppy and dapper looks. You will see more relatable city style, and metropolitan type of looks.

I got the inspiration from the new NB sneaks I just got which I'm so excited to talk about that I'll start from bottom to top of my look! lol!

These NB M530 Encamp shoes are the perfect for any city boy out there! Its modern but not too futuristic. For me, its very architectural and minimalistic. These shoes really went against the Nike Airmax and its other competitors. I would choose these shoes vs Airmax in any given day! I really salute New Balance for keeping their prices intact yet they still innovate in terms of design and variety of choices without being too over-pricey.

Moving on from the shoes, I wanted to make this look to match colors instead of going too busy. I wore a light coloured jeans for the bottoms and nice an simple plain shirt (Elle) for the top which I actually got in the early months of Year 2. Unfortunately, I was not able to pull of any looks with it during Year 2 and I'm so glad it finally worked when I did this outfit posts. I added on a dark blue blazer in contrast of the light colours plus I put on this cool seagull lapel pin I actually got from my mom (don't you think its so awesome?!).

For the accessories wore a cap, glasses and an awesome leather strap bracelet from which is actually a female online accessories store.  I couldn't keep my eyes from the choices of their super cool bracelets that I just had to get a couple of them and I'm glad it didn't look girly on me.

Btw! My Outfit Video of the Month for the month of February featuring the EYE CANDY is now up on my Instagram page! Hope you guys like it and don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what you guys think! ^_^

A video posted by Lo P (@locloset) on

Wonder what you guys think of this outfit posts... do tell on the comment section below!

10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirts = 3 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirts
7 Shoes = 5 Shoes

Always have fun!

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Eye Candy Series: Mr. Love

Shirt and Chinos: Zara

How can I not end this series without Love right?! <3

This will be the final look for the EYE CANDY series my friends and I had lots of fun doing it! I really like looking so cute and dandy lately that you might see more of this type of style on my future blog posts.

Ahhh.. Love! Love is  roller coaster of emotions. For me there are a lot of feelings that are associated with love. Its a mixture of happiness, inspiration, hope, sometimes sadness and even more. Its an assortment of emotions to be exact.

Oh wait... Hmmmm... something is missing here... oh! I know!


lol! So sorry! As much as I want to grow a "suavé" mustache for this look, my body hair is too limited that it may take me years to grow it so I'm virtually making one cause its faster that way.

Anyway kidding aside, I'm doing a "anti-hipster" sort of fashion in this look. Its like a mixture of hipster style and kpop with a little bit of charm and a clean shaven face. I've nothing against hipsters though (please don't scorn me)!  I just called it anti-hipster to make it sound interesting, and cause there's no type of fashion I can call it yet... I guess?... Well if you know, you have the comments section below to let me know.

I'm wearing a nice printed shirt and a neon blue chinos (both from Zara). I put a nice pair of glasses,  suspenders, a red bowtie and a red watch. I originally wanted wear a red shirt, but I think this subtle pop of the color red has a nicer feel and touch to it rather that going full blown clichĂ© red. Didn't I say Love is a mixture of every feelings? Well in my world its a mixture of every color too!

The product/s featured are not sponsored the by the brand/s mentioned above

And speaking of assortment of feelings, the Spun Candy Love Mix is I think the perfect companion for this date! Guys, give this to a girl that you really like and she'll soon be yours! Well, of course you have to court her and everything, but giving her a bottle of this goodness will make everything better. What I like about these candies is that they're not too sweet and but doesn't lack flavor. Its just right. Perfect for your "The One"

How about you? What is your take on love? Leave a comment below and let everyone know! ^_^

Hope you guys enjoyed all the looks I did for the EYE CANDY series as much as I did doing it! I've received tons of good comments and likes on both my instagram and account and I'm so overwhelmed that I got so inspired I cant wait to do a new series of outfit posts soon here in my blog!

5 Slacks/ Chinos = 2 Slacks/ Chinos
10 Long Sleeves Shirts = 4 Long Sleeves Shirts

Always have fun!

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Eye Candy Series: Mr. Citrus

Shirt and Shorts: Iconic

Well friends, weather is coming back to normal here in UAE. And by normal I mean it's getting warmer each day! Ugh! I will so miss the perfect weather during January! But its okay! Its almost Summer which means we get to spend more time at the pool or the beach!

So this week I went to go beach walking and see how its like and surprisingly I was very pleased! Its so perfect! There's not a lot of people, plus I get to run and shoot some photos and videos freely! I had tons of fun!

This would certainly be a perfect location for an intimate and romantic sunset moment with your special someone before you go to that romantic Valentines dinner! <3

This look with be the second look for my EYE CANDY series!

I had a great time thinking about what to wear! Remember, it's not yet Summer and still a bit chilly so I decided to wear a nice light colored linen shirt and floral printed shorts (Iconic). I wasn't really going to swim, I just wanted to be there and hangout so I didn't bring swimming clothes. Wore a nice pork pie hat, brought sunglasses just in case, some fun weaved bracelets, a watch and comfy shoes that I mostly didn't wear when I was there. What can you do? I like the feeling of warm beach sand on my feet!

This is would be a great beach look if ever you decide to take your date with you in the beach as you will be more comfortable to sit around or lie down while talking nothing but just sweet things while looking adorable, ready to laugh and have some fun! <3

The product/s featured are not sponsored the by the brand/s mentioned above

Speaking of sweets, for our date I brought some small stuff to chew just in case we get a little hungry. I got Hello Pandas biscuits which is one of my fav biscuits ever and of course, this series is not complete without a bottle of Spun Candy! I brought the Citrus Mix bottle and I just feel in love with them! It felt summer-ish when I put one piece of candy in my mouth! I really like lemony and sour candies!

I hope you are having a nice time on our 2nd date! One more look to go! Have you already planned your Valentines outfit yet? Let me know on the comments below! :D

10 Long Sleeves Shirts = 5 Long Sleeves Shirts

Always have fun!

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Year 3: Doing Things The Way I Want

This year would be very simple, laid back and would focus more on my Style Blogging.

However, I really enjoyed the LOVE ABU DHABI SERIES so this year most of my looks would mostly be around Abu Dhabi! Plus, I might do a couple of short series during this year which I'm very excited about! :D

Oh and another thing! I had tons of fun doing my anniversary video so I'm planning to do short video clips of all the looks I did by the end of each month! Sound good right?

Thank you all again to all you readers who keeps on supporting my blog and hope you guys would enjoy all the things that I will do for Year 3!

Always have fun!