Friday, 12 September 2014

Love Abu Dhabi Year 2 Anniversary: Corniche Family Park

Blazer: Milanoo
Watch: Make Time Watches
Shirt: G2000

I'm so so so happy that I got very nice reactions from you all my readers on my LOVE ABU DHABI series!

This time we are going outdoors! ^_^


I love this park ever since I was a child! For most of you who don't know, I did move to Abu Dhabi Two years ago, but since my mom worked here when I was a child I've been visiting the country since I was a kid.

Anyway, as I said this park is my favorite park here in Abu Dhabi! There's so many things that changed here through the years. There used to be a nice fountain with a big rock here before years ago but unfortunately, for some reason they removed it so I'm kinda bummed about it but they did add some awesome stuff here too.

An awesome and fun water park!

A skating rink! :D

A colorful Basketball Court! ^_^
Don't you think its so fun? Aside from the cool activities you can do here, the scenery is very nice and green so you can do picnics here with your family. I don't suggest going here during summer cause it can still get very hot even if there's a lot of trees here. 
We did a lot of fun and cute videos here, I cant wait till you guys see it! I've always wanted to do in the city shoots, but I don't have enough courage. But now, because of you guys and because of this series I cant wait to do more! :)
I want to look a bit more like someone who will go to a park in autumn to read a book, eat a sandwich and a cup of coffee, take pictures while still looking stylish. It my sort of idea on how I would dress up if ever I go visit New York and go to Central Park. I wore a yellow polo shirt from G200 with a Milanoo blazer. I accessorized it with an awesome interchangeable watch from Make Time Watches. Completed the look with a nice pair of sneakers, a big shoulder bag to hold my stuff and a comfortable chinos. A wonderful walk-in a park look.

This look is partnered by:

I so so so love Make Time Watches!!! They sell these cool interchangeable watches and they have a huge choices of bands, faces and loops. Build you own and buy via this link:  

You guys may use the code MT_LOP to get a 10% discount on all your purchases!

Aside from making you look cool and stylish, part of their sales goes to suicide prevention initiatives. Don't you think they're amazing? You get to have your own self customized watch while helping others continue to live on and enjoy their lives.

This look is also partnered by Milanoo, where they sell very stylish and classy clothes both for male and female. There are good deals everyday up to 80% off so sign up now cause they give $10 voucher if you sign up on their news letter. They also sell cosplay costumes too! Halloween is very near so go visit their site and get cool items.

Thank you Make Time Watches and Milanoo for sending me your items! You'll get to see more of their stuff soon on Lo's Closet so tune in, check-out their links and go buy their stuff! :D

10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt = COMPLETE

Always have fun! 

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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Love Abu Dhabi Year 2 Anniversary: The Galleria Mall

Shirt, Trousers and Hat: Zara
Bowtie: Splash

Finally!!! My 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration is here!

For some of the people who doesn't know whats going on, let me give you guys a brief information about the LOVE ABU DHABI series. This year is all about Abu Dhabi and my favorite places in the city. This is the city where my style blogging career started and I guess its about time to give homage to the city where it all began.

Fist in the series would be...


This is my favorite mall, not just in Abu Dhabi... But the entire UAE! Now I know you guys must be thinking why I featured a mall in my Anniversary series, why not the Grand Mosque, or the Emirates Palace? Why? Well like I said I will only feature locations that are significant in my life as a Style Blogger.

Having said that, The Galleria Mall would be a great fit for that. Its a mall that sells High End products and brands. No retails stores in this mall, its the 5th Avenue of Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, as of now most of the shops here I could not afford, but I usually go here for inspiration on the latest fashion trends in the market. On top of that, this mall is not overcrowded and most of the people who shops here dress themselves up so whenever I go here I don't feel out of place.

This mall also features a park and a sea view overlooking Abu Dhabi's growing amount of buildings. The mall itself has a very nice architecture and it feels very luxurious the moment you step in. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a lot of photos inside the mall cause I was too busy taking videos so I have to take note of that on my next post. However, like I said I took a lot of videos of the mall and by the end of this series, I will upload a fun video which hopefully you guys will like (Yes! That's a surprise I just casually revealed there! lol!). :)

One more thing I love about this mall is that it has a quiet and not so crowded food court plus nice coffee and pastry shops. One pastry shop I particularly like is the Magnolia Bakery!

A wide variety of yummy pastries and cupcakes!!!

Blueberry Cheesecake, Red Velvet Cupcake and S'mores Cupcake

Magnolia Bakery has a very cute and homey ambiance and I always get excited whenever I go in. Its my little pastry paradise! ^_^
This look would probably one of my most fashion forward outfit to date. I'm wearing a traditional straw hat, a crisp white shirt with a minimal artsy Pollock-ish print and a textile print trousers all from Zara. I accessorized it with a bowtie from Splash Fashions, a nice formal handbag and simple black leather loafers.

I'm just getting started! So keep visiting my site for more of the LOVE ABU DHABI series!


 5 Slacks/ Chinos = COMPLETE!

Always have fun!

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Only in Summer

Sunglasses: zeroUV
Cap, Sweater and Shorts: Zara

How's summer, or was summer in your part of the world? I bet you guys had tons of fun drinking cocktails, dancing in the beach, playing sports, attending music festivals etc.

Me? Well... Its just okay. As much as I want to get a tan and go to the beach with my friends, its too hot. The only sun time we have here that is not too harmful to the skin is between 4:00pm-6:30pm and sadly that's a very short window time to enjoy the beach.

This would probably my favorite summer look that I did to date! This look summer looks very retro to me. It kinda has that young 70's-80's vibe and all the colors I put in this look just blends very well.

Get this cool zeroUV sunglasses via this link!:

I have this bright yellow shirt and a red and white swimming shorts I got on sale on Zara, and I knew this will be a great summer look topped with a nice floral cap (also from Zara). I didn't shot it yet though 'coz I felt something was missing... until zeroUV sent me amazing sunglasses earlier this month! When I got this particular yellow sunnies in my hand I immediately knew that it will go well with this look!

  • 5 Shorts = 2 Shorts
  • 10 Sweater = 2 Sweaters 

 Save the date guys! One week to go and its Lo's Closet 2nd year anniversary!!!


The Love Abu Dhabi Series


Wish you guys had/having a memorable and exciting summer!

Always have fun!

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Love Abu Dhabi Lo's Closet 2nd Year Anniversary Series TEASER!

Shirt: Zara
Shoes: Balance

Ladies, Gentlemen, my dearest friends, the thing I've wanted to announce since the start of this month is now revealed! Yes! I tried to hold it and I'm so happy that it is FINALLY out! :D

May I present to you, the Lo's Closet 2nd Year Anniversary Teaser!

This year, its all about the city where it all started. It will be a full month celebration entitled:  

The city where it all started

Wait! It doesn't stop there! Here's an awesome TEASER of the LOVE ABU DHABI series! ^_^

By the end of the series, I will post another video of my exciting adventure around Abu Dhabi! :D

Now don't get confused friends! This is just a teaser! lol! So that means it will get better and I have more stuff in my sleeves, literally! :D

For this look, I wanted to make it a bit casual yet romantic. We shot this look in Al Rheem Island facing the sea. Al Rheem Island was the area where I used to live. This is where I started to Lo's Closet so it's very fitting to shoot this look where it all began.

Isn't it beautiful?

I wore a nice polo shirt topped with a light colored blazer and chinos and wore New Balance sneakers. A great combination for a nice city walk-date look! -_^

I would like to thank these amazing brands for becoming a partner of the LOVE ABU DHABI series!

Thank Grace of zeroUV for sending me super awesome glasses! I cant wait to use these amazing items on my future posts!!!! <3

Get your own pairs! Visit their website!: 

10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt = 1 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt

So save this date on you calendars: 06-09-2014

... and let us travel on the city where it all started! <3

Always have fun!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Make Time Watches Street Team featuring Lo P.!

Hey there Friends! Very good news!

Make Time Watches for made me a part of your Street Team! 

Thank you Make Time Watches! It is a big honor to represent your watches and support your mission to Express, Elevate and Empower!

Check out Make Time Watches' website @ they have an amazing variety of fun and cool watches that you can change bands, loops and faces to mix and match and suit your personality!

Make Time Watches doesn't only give you stylish and customizable watches they also help support suicide prevention initiatives which is a HUGE part of Make Time's mission. So every bands you purchase from them, you also help them help others.

You guys may use the code: MT-LOP to get a 10% off on your entire order!!!

Do also follow their Instagram and Like their Facebook Likepage for more updates! Please find the links below:

Tune in for my future blogposts featuring Make Time Watches soon on Lo's Closet!

Always have fun!

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The 2nd year has officially started!

This year its simple: Complete The List and to make things even harder... GET FIT!

This year let's talk about health, lifestyle, and of course fashion.

An author named Jess C. Scott once said "A fit, healthy body - That is the best Fashion Statement."

So get ready to sweat and look good at the same time! This year will be all about moving that damn lazy body and be gorgeous!

Always have fun!